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Faculty of Science

Academic Welcoming Programme

1-8 February 2024

Notes: Attendance of this programme is compulsory All gold colour links are clickable

Icon Programme Icon Programme
BDatSci (you will be navigated to the focal areas) BSc (Focal Area: Applied Medicinal Chemistry) De Beers Building, Room 2003
BSc Biodiversity and Ecology Natural Science Building, Room 2020 BSc (Focal Area: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology) JC Smuts Building, A203
BSc (Focal Area: Biomedical Mathematical Sciences) First Year Chemistry Building, Room 1015 BSc Chemistry De Beers Building, Room 2003
BSc Computer Science Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 1005 BSc Earth Science Chamber of Mines Building, Room 2041
BSc GeoInformatics Chamber of Mines Building, Room 1004 BSc Human Life Sciences First Year Chemistry Building, Room 2011
BSc Mathematical Sciences and BSc (Focal Area: Biomathematics) Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 3001 BSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology JC Smuts Building, Room A201
BSc Physics Mathematical Sciences Building, Room 2002 BSc Sport Science Sport Science Building, Hall A, Coetzenburg →

General contact information

  • Email
  • Phone 021 808 3931
  • Join our Telegram group via this link
  • Join our Science UG TEAMS site via this link
  • Visit the Science Kiosk for any academic Q&A: Grass in front of AI Perold building

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